RACS-Rack Access Control

RACS – Rack Access Control is a system designed to allow the user to control electronic locking of doors and visibility of conditions of their data rack. All this can be done also from the convenience of a smart phone.

Permits Clients full Visibility of their Rack Space

Full remote Door Control

Unlock front and rear doors remotely, see if a door remains open and requires closing

Automatic Warnings to alert clients of loss of power rail redundancy

Comprehensive Rack Reporting over multiple preset time periods

  • Inlet Temperatures
  • Outlet Temperatures
  • Power Feed A
  • Power Feed B
  • Total Power

Facility Based Reporting

Including Scheduled Maintenance

Push Alerts for emergency notifications

Extensive Communication Channels

  • Helpdesk phone
  • Queue Support
  • WWW
  • Facebook
  • Google Search
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter