Environmental Monitoring

Pivotal Technologies is at the forefront of technology based solutions in the realm of environmental monitoring systems. An environmental monitoring system should be considered a necessity for any business or corporation which utilises an "in house" computer server room or an enterprise data centre operation.

Critical in nature to these installations are host of devices which, when working in cohesion provide a stable environment for computer servers to achieve maximum efficiency and lifespan. Long considered the first line of defence against a change in the environment within your data centre, a correctly designed and installed environmental monitoring system will alert you to problems before it is too late.

By monitoring devices such as:

  • Switchboard Status and Power Availability
  • CRAC Units
  • UPS's
  • Generators
  • VESDA and Fire Systems
  • Room Temperature and Humidity
  • Power Quality

You can rest assured that a critical failure will never adversely affect your data centre or computer room again.

If your reputation rests on providing web based services to your clients or you host or operate an enterprise data centre, you could certainly benefit from knowing that an environmental monitoring system is watching over your data centre or computer room 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With many combined years of experience within the data centre industry, you can feel confident that Pivotal Technologies has the experience to design, install and host an environmental monitoring system within your data centre.

EMSpro, the flagship of our data centre monitoring solution is a highly sophisticated real time monitoring system, capable of servicing the needs of your business no matter how large or small. The system is unchallenged by the complex nature of the data centre environment and is built upon countless hours of research and development though more importantly, real world application.

Rest easy knowing that EMSpro maintains a watchful eye over your data centre. For further information on EMSpro please read here.