About Us

Pivotal Technologies Pty Ltd is founded and based in the Brisbane region. Pivotal Technologies is a company engaging proactive, open minded and motivated individuals across Australia and New Zealand. With a dedicated team of staff and affiliates in the majority of metropolitan areas, our key purpose is to revolutionise the way our clients conduct their business. To us, failure is not an option. Being driven to succeed takes commitment, and with that in mind, an alliance was formed to break the mould of conventional thinking within the energy and environmental monitoring sector of the data centre industry. Likewise the electrical, communications and security sectors could vastly benefit from our modus operandi.

The benefit of having a company like Pivotal Technologies at your disposal is a pure and simple concept. We can provide services that are essential to your business activities which are streamlined as a singular service entity. With over twenty years combined experience across a diverse range of skill sets, Pivotal Technologies really will become the pivotal source to the success of your business.

The backbone of every business relies on the secure transmission of data, a process that most of us rarely give a second thought too. At the core of our vision lies an array of solutions that we can provide within the rapidly evolving data centre industry. An industry, which to this day and age has made free trade and prosperity a global reality.

Environmental Monitoring and Energy Management solutions for the data centre operator have seldom been easy to implement within such a complex environment. Frustrated by a lack of development and innovation within the sector, we have sought to revolutionise a field, which by its very nature is in a constant state of flux. Today Pivotal Technologies is at the forefront of technology led solutions for the data centre operator. Results speak for themselves as does experience, when it comes to dealing with the complex nature of a data centre. By employing our own Systems Design and Development Engineer and Quality Engineer, we have taken the time to painstakingly research and develop a product that has been successfully implemented throughout Australia. To date a host of corporate entities have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes with the installation of a correctly designed Environmental Monitoring System.

Whether it's within a data centre or elsewhere, Pivotal Technologies expertise in Project Management is supported by a diversity of trade backgrounds within the electrical, communications and security sectors. As such, we are extremely well equipped to provide solutions that go above and beyond exceeding your expectations.

Below is an indication of the Project Management services that Pivotal Technologies can provide you and your company:

  • Industrial Automation and Installations
  • Commercial & Office Fit outs
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions
  • Domestic and Commercial C-Bus Automation
  • Programmed Maintenance Services
  • Integrated Access Control and Security Services
  • Data & Voice Structured Cabling

Predominantly in the construction industry today, sound Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) practices are essential to both the service provider and the principal contractor. At Pivotal Technologies we constantly strive to deliver service that adheres to strict safe work policies. As part of our strategy to maintain the highest possible standards in OH&S, we provide our staff with ongoing training in safe work practices.

Pivotal Technologies Objectives

To view change in the market place or our client's needs as a catalyst to act quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Our ability to adapt and improvise under pressure will consistently place us one step ahead of our competitors.

To foster an environment for our valued staff whereby the culture is driven by a team devoted to the well being of each other and our clients, with a high focus on encouraging innovative ideas and concepts to sustain our vision of advancement through technological evolution.

Mission Statement

To make our services completely accessible to any person or company through energetic, exceptional client relationships built upon integrity, accountability and affordable solutions. To constantly evolve and lead the way forward by providing solutions for our clients which extend well beyond the boundaries of everyday expectations.

• Pivotal Technologies - the pivotal source to the success of your business •