Energy management, monitoring and sustainability are a key aspect of smart organizations concerned with energy conservation and accountability.

Energy monitoring and reporting, what was once a complex task, has been revolutionized by Pivotal Technologies using the Branch Circuit Monitoring [BCM] energy management suite.

It should come as no surprise that energy costs have risen significantly in the past few years and will continue to do so with the implementation of the carbon tax in July 2012. Progressive, forward tinking companies can benefit directly from the installation of a BCM energy monitoring system in a number of ways. In order to manage and report upon energy consumption within the workplace, it is a necessity to measure your energy consumption.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

The BCM energy management system can provide the user with easy access to highly accurate and reportable energy measurements, allowing the user to monitor energy consumption throughout the workplace in a concise and meaningful way.

  • Monitor total site energy consumption
  • Review which devices or areas use the most energy
  • Monitor devices that are increasing their energy consumption
  • Review energy consumption throughout the day using the graphical interface
  • Accurately pass on energy consumption costs to downstream clients
  • Actively reduce daily energy consumption using a correctly implemented energy management plan

BCM can measure real time energy usage from a range of different inputs and devices including individual switchboard circuits, sub main switchboard feeders, mechanical services, generators and main swchboard incoming supplies.

Real time information is collated and presented in an easy to use graphical user interface, which can be viewed from any web browser enabled device. Alternatively for users already on the EMSpro environmental monitoring platform, the BCM energy monitoring system can be seamlessly integrated into one platform.