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Pivotal Technologies strives to be the first choice provider of technology driven Environmental Monitoring and Energy Management solutions to the information technology industry. An Environmental Monitoring and Energy Management system by Pivotal Technologies will deliver a flexible tailored solution, designed to increase operational reliability and redundancy.

The EMSpro Environmental Monitoring System provides a total solution for advanced Data Centre Monitoring and Energy Management.

Incorporating Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) and RACS technology, EMSpro is the pinnacle of real time critical room monitoring platforms. The modular design allows for each system to be implemented according to our client’s needs, reducing costs initially but allowing for future expansion as required.

RACS – Rack Access Control is a system designed to allow the user to control electronic locking of doors and visibility of conditions of their data rack. All this can be done also from the convenience of a smart phone.

BCM – Branch Circuit Monitoring is an energy management and monitoring tool to allow the user to accurately view , monitor and report on energy usage within the data centre.